Basic data for postcode NP44 3AB

Postcode NP44 3AB is placed in NP44 district ( Tor-faen - Torfaen; Llantarnam ED; Wales ).
Nearest postcodes: NP44 3WZ ≈0.12 km away,   NP44 3GA ≈0.21 km away,   NP44 3HN ≈0.22 km away,   NP44 3DJ ≈0.24 km away,   NP44 3HF ≈0.3 km away,   NP44 3JJ ≈0.31 km away,  
*Tip: Check for other postcodes in Cwmbran from NP postal code area.

NP44 3AB postcode on map

Marker on the map represents approximate location of the NP44 3AB postcode.